Месячные тарифы: Место в 6-местном номере 6000руб/мес.; 2-местный номер целиком - 14500руб/мес. Звоните!


Reservations office


Chief Executive Director

+7 (961) 806-01-66

Port Hostel on Nevsky

Nevsky prospect, house 90-92, ap. 47 191025, Saint-Petersburg

+7 (911) 286-36-31

5 minutes walk from the Moscow railway station and metro station Ploshchad Vosstaniya, 3 minutes walk from the metro station Mayakovskaya

How to get to: walk along Nevsky prospect to the houses number 90 and 92 (400 meters from metro station Ploshchad Vosstaniya). Between the shop "Rive Gaushe" and the restaurant "Market Place" turn to the cobbled pass leading to the pale-pink building. Keep to the right from this pale-pink building with the sign "Строительная компания Л1" and go deeper, pass between the buildings. You will find Yourself in a court yard with kids playground in the center. In the right-hand building there is a door with a sign "Port Hostel". Press 47В and wait for the receptionist to answer.

Port hostel on Sennaya

Efimova street, house 1/4, ap. 40 190031, Saint-Petersburg

+7 (950) 026-23-36

near the metro station Sennaya ploshchad, Spasskaya, Sadovaya

How to get to: walk 50 meters from Sennaya square along Efimova street towards Fontanka river. The hostel entrance door is in the facade side of the building (do not go through the arch). The hostel door is to the right from the cafeteria "Север Метрополь", it is of dark colour, the sign over it says "Подъезд №3". Press 40 on the interphone and wait for the receptionist to answer.

Port hostel on Suvorovsky

Suvorovsky pr, house 23, ap. 4 191036, Saint-Petersburg

+7 (921) 574-41-70

10-15 minutes walk from the metro station Ploshchad Vosstaniya and the Moscow railway station

How to get to: Along Suvorovsky pr. to the crossing with 8-Sovetskaya street. The door, clothest to the crossing, entrance from Suvorovsky prospect.Press 4 on the interphone and wait for the receptionist to answer. Third floor (second, if counting zero as ground floor).