Месячные тарифы: Место в 6-местном номере 6000руб/мес.; 2-местный номер целиком - 14500руб/мес. Звоните!

Payment options

To guarantee Your reservation You will be asked to make a one-night prepayment. Please choose one of the following payment options.

E-mail: porthostel@gmail.com Please do not forget to inform us about the money transfer by direct e-mail letter.

WebMoney Identification Number: WMID 890970259978

R121635112530 — Rubles

Z988853428645 — Dollars

K354019760460 — Tenge

Instead of making a prepayment You can provide us with Your bank card details (see lower how to do it). In this case we will make an authorisation for the sum of the first-night price (we fill freeze it on your bank account) in 7 days before the date of Your arrival. On the date of arrival the sum will be returned back or it can be counted as the payment for the first night. If You for some reason do not appear at our doorstep on the date of arrival, or cancell the reservation later than the specified time-limits, then we make a penalty charge - the frosen sum of money from Your bank account is charged.

Download the Authorisation letter form

Fill-in the authorisation letter form (by hand or on computer) and sign it. The sign in the letter should match mith the sign on the card. Please attach to the letter scan-copy of Your passport Main Page and photos of both sides of the card in approvement that the card is used with the permission or at will of the owner. Please send the letter with the attached documents to: porthostel@gmail.com

In cash

You can make a prepayment in cash if any of Your friends or relatives live in St.-Petersburg.