Месячные тарифы: Место в 6-местном номере 6000руб/мес.; 2-местный номер целиком - 14500руб/мес. Звоните!

Visa support

“Port” hostels provide foreign guests with Visa support vouchers. The procedure is simple and a voucher can be obtained within 1-2 days.

Just contact “Port” hostels Reservations department by e-mail: porthostel@gmail.com. In Your letter please put the dates of arrival and departure and scan-copies of Your passport main page. Your invitation letter will be sent to You by e-mail within 1-2 days. Please note that first You have to make a reservation to be able to request a visa invitation letter. The reservation can also be made by e-mail.

The price for one voucher (invitation letter) is 700 rubles.